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Savikalpa Virtual Clinic harnesses the power of telemedicine to provide access to cannabinoid medicine treatment and educational services.

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Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained international cannabinoid professionals includes doctors, educators, researchers, and client care specialists.

The expertise of our global team of veteran cannabinoid professionals is among the best in the world. Our cannabinoid medicine experts, based in India, Canada, USA, UK and Australia are dedicated to providing patients with the highest possible level of medical care, with a focus on symptom management and improving overall quality of life.

It is our mission to empower patients through education, and to ensure that they receive the care and support they deserve in their pathway to wellness.

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Sean Hayes
Virtual Clinic, Principal Patient Guide/Educator

Sean is a medicinal cannabinoid subject matter expert and consultant from Ontario, Canada.

Informed by decades of medical cannabinoid experience, as well as his own personal journey as a chronic pain sufferer, Sean has the unique ability to translate complex medical information into simple and practical instructions to be understood by any patient.

Specializing in medical cannabinoid education, Sean has been able to improve the experiences of countless patients by creating educational resources, training doctors and educators, and conducting 1-on-1 consultations with individual patients and their health care providers.

Dr. Swapnil Bacchao
M.D. Physician, M.H.A., Medical Cannabis Educator

Dr. Swapnil Bachhao (M.D. Physician) is a graduate of Volgograd State Medical University, where he received his Doctor of Medicine Degree. Dr. Bachhao further enhanced his health administrative skills by pursuing a Masters in Health Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Bachhao has international experience working as a Medical Cannabis Physician and also a Drug Safety Physician with different CROs and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Bachhao's stint in Canada gave him the unique opportunity to be a clinical researcher and physician in the field of Medical Cannabis, used in managing an array of diseases. Dr. Bachhao, now resident in India, is of the firm view that it is imperative for cannabis, a plant indegenious to the Indian subcontinent, to be used extensively in managing the health burden in the country. A keen fitness enthusiast, Dr. Bachhao has over 11 years of experience treating patients suffering various acute and chronic ailments (specifically neurological diseases, depression, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, chronic pain, post-chemotherapeutic pain and loss of appetite, metabolic diseases and sports related injuries). Enabling patient access to life-changing medicine is his life calling, and providing personalised care to his patients his mission.

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